Cruise service

AB Copenhagen has many years of experience servicing cruise ship passengers. We know the accessibility of the port areas and the docking places of the various ships very well, and we have thorough knowledge of the particular needs and wishes of cruise ship passengers.

We ease your travel to and from the ship with exclusive and personal transportation

Copenhagen is the gate to the Baltic Sea, where many tourists each year choose to start or end their cruise vacation. Copenhagen is also worth a visit on your way for those who have the possibility.

We offer among various services:

  • Personalized pick up at Copenhagen Airport with transfer to the cruise ship or a hotel in Copenhagen
  • Personalized pick up at the ship on departure with transfer to Copenhagen Airport or a hotel in Copenhagen
  • Special luggage service
  • Individualized sightseeing at your pace and liking
  • Dinner transfers for your evenings out in Copenhagen

Have a look at our general service concept for more information or contact us for a quote.