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Passenger transportation in luxury


AB Copenhagen is geared to handle Danish and international companies’ and organization’s needs for passenger transportation in the best possible way.


A section under AB Copenhagen specializes in transfers for flight crews from international airlines flying out of Copenhagen Airport.


AB Copenhagen has many years of experience servicing cruise ship passengers. We know the accessibility of the port areas and the docking places of the various ships very well.

a la Carte

Copenhagen is a modern city with its historic roots intact and visible. It is a fairy-tale city inhabited by Kings and Queens for more than 600 years. Book us for individual sightseeing in luxury transportation exclusively for your party.

We are specialized in passenger transportation, where the small details make all the difference

Our specialty is deluxe minibuses, but we also have larger luxury coaches as well as limousines at our disposal. We tailor transportation packages according to our clients’ particular needs and deliver transportation with a high level of service and flexibility. The Alpha and the Omega to us being that our passengers have a good experience.